Price Hikes on Government Services Announced

The government has published a list of price increases to road tax, driving licenses, residency permits, passports and so on in the Official Gazette. As of March 1, the rates of application fees increased between 12 and 13 percent. The decisions were put into effect by being published in the Official Gazette dated February 28, 2018.

A driving test now costs 375TL, and the cost of a two-year TRNC driving licence has gone up from 239.80TLto 269.80TL.

The cost of becoming a TRNC citizen has risen from 690TL to 780TL.

The fee for a business permit has gone up from 796TL to 899TL.

Work permits now cost 195TL for six months, 422TL for a year and 844TL for two years.

The cost of an annual temporary residence permit has risen to from 305TL to 345TL. A six-month permit now costs 172TL, and a two-year permit 690TL.

Road tax has risen, for petrol vehicles, to 28Kr per kilo on vehicles up to 1,016kg; 49Kr per kilo for vehicles of 1,017kg to 1,270kg; 1.18TL for those between 1,271kg and 1,524kg and 1.65TL for those over 1,524kg. For diesel vehicles, the figures are: up to 1,016kg now 46Kr per kilo; 1,017-1,270kg now 70Kr; 1,271-1,524kg now 1.18TL; over 1,524kg now 1.65T.

Motorbikes are now taxed at 72TL on engines of up to 100cc, while the charge on 101-300cc bikes is 131TL; 301-500cc is now 186TL and over 500cc is now 373TL.

TRNC passports and visas have also all increased, as have consular fees and marriage, birth and death registrations. Hotel management permits and firearms licences.

Yeni Duzen


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