Price Hikes on Electricity Unavoidable: Erhurman

Prime Minister Tufan Erhürman has explained the reasons for the price increase in electricity and fuel. Erhürman said, “It is not possible to continue populists decisions to save the day,” pointing out that the last government had not raised electricity prices for two years and that the Electricity Authority [KIB-TEK] had been defeated and that the Price Stability Fund had been swallowed up by the fuel oil price hike.

The prime minister said the following: “At the time when the previous government was in power, there was a loss of 50 million 676 thousand TL for KIB-TEK by not increasing the electricity prices for two years contrary to the regulations. This loss is not just a loss for KIB-TEK, but the loss for our people and our country because we have reached the point where we cannot make investments that we need to make in electricity.

The price stabilisation fund has been used to the extent that it does not raise fuel prices. No government wants to raise prices when going to election. The inheritance of the former government was either populism and trying to reach a sustainable structure in electricity by making irrevocable changes or making the minimum price hike that can be made. Yes we took the risk and we picked the second one.

In the case of fuel, there is no option even within the framework of legislation and financial possibilities. It’s time to talk about everything clearly. Populism and the effort to save the day is not possible. We will share information about the matter more clearly with our people,” Erhürman concluded.

Yeni Duzen

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