Prime Minister Kalyoncu resigns as government collapses

Prime Minister Omer Kalyoncu handed in his resignation to President Mustafa Akinci on Tuesday morning.

The CTP-UBP coalition government fell apart after five UBP ministers resigned. In February, the UBP had expressed its frustration over the delay in signing the economic protocol with Ankara, leaving the treasury unable to fully pay civil service staff.  It also had disagreed with the CTP’s challenge to Ankara on the terms of managing the water supplied by Turkey.

CTP leader Mehmet Ali Talat has said that since his party is in the majority, he will see if it will be possible to form a new government or if there will need to be elections held.

Kibris Postasi writes that the UBP may form an alliance with the DP, which is led by Serdar Dentas. It says that in such an event, the economic protocol will be signed with Ankara without any further delay.

BRT, Kibris Postasi

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