Prime Minister Kucuk ordered to go for re-election

The Nicosia High Court has ordered Prime Minister Kucuk to organise a re-election for the leadership of the UBP within ten days. Mr Kucuk’s lawyer has objected and asked for an extension of three months.

Head of Nicosa High Court, Emine Dizdarli, ruled that the election held for leadership of the ruling UBP on 21st October, which Mr Kucuk won, was unconstitutional and that none of the candidates had won. She further ruled that a new election must be held within ten days.

There was rejoicing for the primary contender for the leadership of the UBP, Dr Ahmet Kasif.

The eagerly anticipated rulings were read out over fifty minutes to a packed court room with 85 people crammed into a space planned for 24. After the ruling Dr Kasif, who is the UBP Member of Parliament for Famagusta, emerged to declare that now the legal processes and appeals were complete, his party should focus on the plight of the people.

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