Prime Minister Sibel Siber still pushing reform

Prime Minister Sibel Siber gave an interview with BRT on Wednesday, in which she stated that her interim government was still pushing ahead at full speed.

She said that they did not have the luxury of waiting for a new government to be formed. Mrs Siber said that she was well aware of the large number of unresolved issues that needed to be addressed and that they would be working on them, adding that every hour counts.

Her council of ministers will be meeting today and there would be a number of major decisions made then, she said.

One of these would be to limit and control the use of pesticides in agriculture. Mrs Siber said that there had been a number of instances recently where high levels of pesticides had been found in grapes. She said these pesticides were one of the highest risks for the population. Her ministers would announce plans for their control tomorrow

There had also been a lot of work done on the purchase of a fire fighting helicopter and information would again be shared with the public later on today.


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