Private company collects some refuse in Nicosia

A compromise has been reached between the various parties in the Nicosia council workers’ dispute. BES the council workers’ union has promised that they will be back at work today, now that their back pay has been resolved.

However there are still major problems about collecting the rubbish which has been accumulating for many months along pavements and in parks. The recent rains and animals have dispersed this rubbish and added to health hazards. Many shopkeepers and others are complaining that this unhealthy mess is an eyesore and detrimental to tourism.

Now the dustbin men have returned to work, they are confronted with a number of problems before they can clear this rubbish. Most of the refuse collection vehicles are now uninsured, have no fuel and have a number of minor problems, including flat batteries.

The Muhtar of Nicosia’s Samanbahca district has run out of patience and called in a private firm to clean up his area. He says that the health and well-being of the residents is the most important issue and that he will continue using this company until the council rubbish collection service actually starts.

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