Problems in the Country Need Addressing: Akinci

President Mustafa Akinci, spoke to the press after voting took place in the snap general election. He said:

“I came to power two and a half years ago by giving a promise to my people. My promise was that I am a neutral, independent president. For this reason, I did not make any statements during the election period. (…) while coming close to the election date, there was an explosion of the population’s number, an increase in the granting of citizenships, which of course, these reflect on the voter lists. (…) I hope these and similar issues to be removed from our agenda. These rights should not be given to the citizens as a favour during the election period. I felt the need to say this, so it will not happen again. (…)

“According to the outcome of the results, I will do whatever my responsibilities dictate me to do as president so the new government is being formed.”

Moreover, asked in English to comment on how the results will affect the Cyprus talks, Akinci said:

“As you know I am an independent president, I don’t have any sides regarding these elections due to my status. But of course, I pointed out certain things that I saw during this election campaign period and I hope they will not be repeated in the coming period. Of course, every election as every new year, as every new day, is a new beginning. I hope this will be a new beginning for our people. So depending on the results as the president, I will be doing whatever my responsibilities dictate what I should do. So, we will see the results and our actions will be accordingly”.

Asked to comment on the Cyprus talks, Akinci further said:

“Well, very interestingly during this campaign the Cyprus issue was not a big issue due to reasons that you all know. Due to what happened in Crans Montana and due to the situation that does not have any mobility regarding the talks and due to another fact that I believe is also important to mention. The fact is that whether there are negotiations or not, the life continues in northern Cyprus. Therefore, we have a lot of problems, from traffic to environmental problems, from our economy to other issues. So, we cannot stop life. Therefore, whatever the talks are, whether we are continuing or not, definitely we have to look what we can do about our domestic problems.

“Although, some problems are coming from the Cyprus question, we do not overlook that but still there are a lot of things we can do even if there is no continuation of talks, even if there is no solution to the Cyprus problem. Of course, we want very much to be a mutually acceptable solution to this problem”.

Kibris Postasi

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