Problems With MRI Device at State Hospital Continue

North Cyprus News - MRI - scan
[MRI Device – FIle Photo]
Tuesday, 2 August, 2022

Patients are being transported to Famagusta Hospital and other private and university hospitals because the MRI* device at Nicosia State Hospital is malfunctioning, Yeniduzen reported.

 CTP deputy Dr. Sıla Usar İncirli pointed out that the ambulance service was being put under extra strain because it was having to convey dozens of patients who needed an MRI scan to other hospitals on a daily basis.

She said that the MRI scanner at Nicosia State Hospital had been malfunctioning for weeks now.

Dr. Incirli said, “Patients and healthcare workers are devastated“, and stressed that in this age, leaving MRI devices out of service for weeks is unacceptable.

*Magnetic resonance imaging, or more commonly known as MRI or MRI, is a very important tool used in the diagnosis of many diseases.


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