Project of the Century

‘Project of the Century’ is the name given to the project to transport water from Turkey to the TRNC.

In another step forward in this project, TRNC Ministers welcomed the arrival of  YI CHUN 15 carrier at Famagusta port. The Hong Kong registered ship is the largest to ever to off-load at Famagusta, being 190 metres long and 33 metres wide. It was laden with pipes to be used to transport water from Turkey.

The pipes will be off-loaded and start to get laid in the next few days.

Public Works and Transportation Minister, Ali Amacoglu, said that this was an important step in the project. He pointed out that the development of the Gecitkoy dam was continuing at a fast pace and that the construction would be completed 31st October.

Meanwhile the underwater pipes would be laid in the sea during the summer months and the whole project would be finished in March 2014 as planned.

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