Students’ Prom Night Fiasco

It is a long established tradition that students that have graduated celebrate at the end of the academic years.

However prom celebrations for the high school students at Bulent Ecevit did not go as planned.

150 students spent a nightmarish night at the Cratos Hotel yesterday evening.

They had all paid TL 70 for an evening meal and 55 of the students had also paid TL 150 each for overnight accommodation. The school delegated the task of paying the money over to the hotel to one Cebi Tahir, however, he failed to do so. That meant that the new graduates spent the night wandering round hotel corridors and around the pool.

It emerged yesterday that Mr Tahir had spent the money on himself and then tried to convince the Cratos management to take his car as security instead. They refused.

Parents are now insisting that police investigate how Tahir managed to spend the money on his own account instead of delivering it the hotel management. This might be slightly embarrassing as Mr Tahir is himself, a policeman.

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