Property criteria main topic of leaders’ meeting today

Property is the primary issue in the Cyprus negotiations which resumed today after the summer break. “With the solution of the property issue, the negotiations will be completed to a great extent”, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’ writes. It goes on to describe the next two to three months as extremely critical.

Diplomatic sources told ‘Havadis’ that until now the two sides have discussed issues of governance and power sharing, property, territory and citizenship and have achieved serious convergences on many issues. The sources said that the common understanding of the two leaders on the property issue is to find a balance between the rights of the “current users and the original owners”.

The negotiations on property are expected to last for a few months, writes the paper adding that one of the convergences reached on the issues of property and citizenship is the necessity for bi-zonality and bi-communality and the existence of a Turkish Cypriot majority in the population and the properties in the Turkish Cypriot founding state and a Greek Cypriot majority in the Greek Cypriot founding state.

It is said that Turkey has launched a number of studies on the issue of financing the solution and in particular the compensations to be paid on the property issue and that the development of the Turkish Cypriot properties left in the South is included among these studies.

Citing “Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot sources close to the negotiating teams”, ‘Havadis’ reports that no map or names of villages to be included in the territorial adjustments have been discussed at the negotiating table until now, adding that the map will be the last issue to be discussed.

Sources have said that agreement has been reached to a great extent on the governance and power sharing which “constitutes the biggest part of the problem and is very important for the Turkish Cypriot side”. The same sources emphasised that political equality for the Turkish Cypriots in the new federation to be established, has been guaranteed and that the Turkish Cypriots will effectively participate in the decision taking mechanisms. As an example of this, they said that there will be an equal number of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots in the Senate and the Supreme Court. The sources noted that there is no agreement on the issue of the rotating presidency, which will be left until the end of the negotiations.


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