Proposed casinos in South will impact TRNC

Reports in the Turkish Cypriot daily, ‘Halkin Sesi’ says that the economic crisis in the South has impacted on the economy in the TRNC. Contrary to Prime Ministers Kucuk’s pronouncement that there had been little effect on the TRNC, the Co-ordinator of Casino Enterprises Union, Ayhan Saricicek said that over the last few years, the number of Greek Cypriots visiting casinos in the North had dropped and had dwindled to almost nothing since the crisis had come to a head in the South.

Another reason for the casino business in the North to worry was that President Anastasiades hoped to open casinos in the South and would introduce tax breaks for businesses that re-invested their profits in the South.

Chairman of the Casino Union, Unsal Ecesoy, said that around 200 thousand Greek Cypriots had been visiting casinos in the TRNC every year but this number will be decreased if a casino is established in the South. He also stated that the Greek Cypriots spend five million Turkish lira every year in the TRNC.

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