Protect the Karpaz Campaign Grows

Yesterday we reported that a loose grouping called Protect the Karpaz National Park had  filed a criminal complaint with Nicosia police.

The complaint asked for all construction on the road widening to be halted as this was damaging the environment.

Other parties are now adding their support to this move, including The Cyprus Turkish Medical Assocation, Baraka Cultural Centre , Bird Protection Society, Biologists Association, Greenpeace, Social Democrat Party and many other organisations.

The complaint details the damage caused by the road widening between Dipkarpaz and the Apostolos Andreas Monastery.

There will be a demonstration against the damage caused to the Karpaz National Park on Sunday 27th January in the area of the Blue Sea Hotel. The Cyprus Medical Association Environmental Officer said that if necessary they would protest in front of the bulldozers on site.

Hasan Sarpten, head of the Biologists Association said that Karpaz National Park is the last remaining region of untouched natural beauty and that it would remain that way. He pointed out that this region was designated a Special Protection Area by the Council of Ministers in 2007. Now bulldozers were working away uprooting trees and local plants. He continued that this protest would continue with a mix of legal procedures and demonstrations.

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