Protest held against Turkey’s ‘Youth and Coordination office’

A protest march and demonstration organised by the Reddediyoruz (We are rejecting) Platform, was held yesterday.

The platform says that some conditions of the establishment of a youth and coordination office by Turkey in the TRNC are unconstitutional.

The formation of the new coordination office was approved by the TRNC Assembly, however, President Mustafa Akinci applied to the Constitutional Court for an assessment of the legality of the office and a decision is expected to be given by the court on Friday.

Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis writes that the demonstrators gathered in front of the Assembly singing and chanting slogans saying that they are against the establishment of such an office.

Speaking during the rally, on behalf of the Reddediyoruz Platform, Zeki Celer, deputy of the Social Democracy Party (TDP), stated that the aim of the Platform’s actions is for the voice of young people to be heard and added that they reject the establishment of the coordination office for youth and sports in the TRNC.


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