Protesters march against proposal to change planning laws for Kyrenia

A march, attended by hundreds of people was held in Kyrenia this week, to protest against coalition government plans to increase the permitted height of new buildings along the north coast.

The ruling National Unity Party (UBP)-Democratic Party (DP) coalition announced plans earlier this month to change a decree that limits the height of new buildings to a maximum of four storeys, across a wide area that covers the northern coast from Karsiyaka in the west to Bahceli lying east of Kyrenia. If implemented, villages like Lapta, Bellapais and Catalkoy will be affected by the proposed new limit which will permit building up to eight storeys.

The Kyrenia Initiative which organised the march, also demanded that the Kyrenia blueprint, which began in March this year, is completed as soon as possible and that in the meanwhile, no changes are made to the existing rules until the blueprint is ready.

Kyrenia Initiative made up of Kyrenia residents and NGO’s have been fighting the plans to alter the existing decree. In the last month, they managed to get a postponement of the meeting that would rubber stamp the amendment to current planning laws.

As you try to destroy the tourism capital Kyrenia, we promise to turn Kyrenia into a capital of demonstrations,” said the Kyrenia Initiative in a statement during the protest. “We will not turn back from this path,” they said.

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