Protesters prepare for Erdoğan’s TRNC visit

A group of unions and other associations will gather to stage a protest at the visit of newly-elected Turkish President Erdoğan, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

KTOEÖS, KTÖS, BKP, YKP, Baraka Culture Centre, Revolutionist Communist Union, Tıp-İş, Güç-Sen, Basın-Sen, Çağ-Sen, and Pir Sultan Abdal Association are preparing to protest Erdoğan during his visit to North Cyprus which will mark his first official visit abroad as the new president of Turkey.

According to ‘Afrika’ newspaper protestors are planning gather at Nicosia’s Kugulu Park on 31st August, set up camp there and stay there till Monday 1st September, which is the day when Erdoğan arrives.

During Erdoğan’s previous diplomatic visit to Cyprus in 2009 protestors gathered in front of the Cyprus Turkish Airlines building in Nicosia which was on the route of Erdoğan’s convoy.

Peaceful protestors were faced by police brutality which left several protestors injured with one trade union leader suffering from a fractured nose after police attacked the group without warning.

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