Protestors march demanding an independent Cyprus

Protestors marched on 14 August to demand an independent Cyprus. August 14 marks the 2nd phase of the Turkish military operation in Cyprus in 1974.

The demonstrators were composed of a number of organisations including the Baraka Cultural Centre, the Independence Road, the United Cyprus Party (BKP), the Pir Sultan Abdal Cultural Association, the Cyprus Socialist Party (KSP) and the Social Democracy Party’s (TDP) youth organisation.

North Cyprus News - Independent Cyprus marchThe ‘Independence Road’ platform, organised the march to the British embassy, the US councillor’s office and Turkish embassy in North Nicosia. The protestors left a banner in front of the British embassy saying “Imperialist”, a banner in front of the US councillor’s office saying “Against Occupations” and a banner in front of the Turkish “embassy saying “Independent Cyprus”.

In a statement they issued they expressed the view that Cyprus was divided by NATO’s imperialist interventions and is still under the occupation of imperialism. They noted that they will continue “thinking, producing and marching for an independent Cyprus until victory“.


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