Protests continue against second security checks for Ercan passengers

Expat groups united to protest against a UK security rule which means that all Pegasus Airlines passengers flying from Ercan airport to the UK, have to leave the plane when it lands in Turkey and go through all security checks again.

The ruling came into force on May 25, this year. Anticipating that this would add more time to the journey, inconvenience passengers and also drive up air fares, members of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce met with British High Commissioner Matthew Kidd to discuss this latest move,

In June, Kerem Hasan, the TRNC representative of the Association of Turkish Cypriots Abroad (ATCA) wrote to Minister of Transport Chris Grayling to point out that the new security ruling was unfair, discriminatory, and especially inconvenienced elderly, unwell and disabled passengers and also impacted on Ercan airport itself because the ruling was driving travellers from North Cyprus to use Larnaca and Paphos airport in the south.

On June 11, Fahri Zihni, Chair of Embargoed!, a London-based human rights organisation also wrote to protest to the UK Transport Minister.

In May, a petition launched by a London-based Turkish Cypriot gathered 5,000 signatures calling for the reversal of the ruling was presented to the UK Department of Transport.

As it stands, the rule continues to remain in place. In an effort to have the ruling lifted another petition has been launched. Those wishing to sign the petition can click here.

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