Protests Held Against Rising Road Death Numbers

More than a thousand people took part in a rally in Nicosia in protest against the number of road accidents, the fatalities and the poor condition of some roads. Originally the rally was organised in response to a hike in road taxes.

Most who joined in were young people. Reportedly, trade unions, parties, organisations and associations did not participate in the rally.

The rally was well-organised by social media and the dominant mood of the crowd was anger and distrust of political parties both past and present, unions and other organisations.

Relatives of people who had died in road traffic accidents spoke in public against the government and said that they did not come door-knocking at election time. The crowd applauded.

The complaints of participants also took in the fact that many young workers were living on the breadline.

Those who spoke said that many of them struggled to get by on the minimum wage. The elderly and disabled could not managed.

However, what drew the most applause was when one speaker said “We do not want state money begged from Turkey”.

Yeni Duzen

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