Protocol signed to install 544 CCTV cameras in TRNC

Turkey and the TRNC have signed a cooperation protocol for the installation of a city security management system in the north.

The protocol was signed in Ankara this week by Minister of the Interior Kutlu Evren and his Turkish counterpart, Suleyman Soylu.

Evren said that the CCTV camera system, will be installed in all major towns, starting with Lefkoşa and Kyrenia.

He added that “the installation of the cameras and the security system has become inevitable as there are people from more than 134 countries residing in the TRNC, either for work or study purposes”.

The minister explained that a total of 544 live recording CCTV cameras will be installed at 169 locations, adding that the police will be in charge of the monitoring.

Turkish Minister of the Interior Soylu stated that the project will be overseen by the ASELSAN Company, which is also in charge of the security systems in Turkey.

He further stated that a total of 52 million Turkish Lira of investment will be made as part of the project.

The system, once installed, aims at increasing efficiency in preventing crime and upgrading security across the country.

Meanwhile, according to BRT, Evren met with the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister and Spokesman Bekir Bozdag as part of his contacts in Ankara.

The meeting which took place at the Cankaya Palace, was closed to the press.

Speaking to BRT in Ankara, Evren announced that “the work on the joint cooperation protocols signed with Turkish officials will commence soon”.

Referring to the cooperation protocol signed for the CCTV system, Evren said the following: “Just as in other parts of the world, our country needs such an investment for internal and external security. The cost of this entire project will be covered by Turkey and this is a real opportunity”.

Evren went on to say that during his meeting with Turkish Deputy PM Bozdag, a protocol had been signed for the construction of a new central prison in the TRNC.


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