Public Beaches Hijacked by Private Companies

North Cyprus News - Kervanseray public beach
[Kervanseray Public Beach – File Photo]
Friday, 28 July 2023 

The beaches and coasts, which are the property of the people, are not being used for the benefit of the public, an opinion piece published by Kibris Postasi states.

In the article written by Erçin Şahmaran, he says he is not arguing against tourism or making investments in that sector, however, he says that leasing public beaches to private companies is illegal.

According to the Mayor of Lapta – Alsancak – Çamlıbel (LAC) Mayor Fırat Ataser:

Mare Monte is the property of the public. The Supreme Administrative Court has decided that Mare Monte “should be  for the use of the public”. As Alsancak Municipality, we requested the transfer of the beach to the municipality with a letter to the Ministry of Interior on 20 October 2020 in order to ensure that it remains in public use.

While we have had our application inside since then, we will not stand by and watch Mare Monte being looted for very strange figures today“.

The matter is in court.

The article goes on to say that following the Council of Ministers decision taken a short while ago regarding the re-leasing of 302 acres of land, including Mare Monte Beach, it has been learnt that a Council of Ministers decision has also been taken regarding the use of the parcel of land at Kervansaray Beach, for a private company. This beach has been used by the public since 1987 under the authority of Kyrenia Municipality, he said.

Civil society is facing a struggle against such actions.

In an interview with the leader of the Peoples Party (HP) Kudret Özersay, he said the following:

There is serious corruption in politics. Certain territories are given to someone in exchange for something, whether you call them bribes or kickbacks.

“The Alagadi region is a region that has been declared a special environmental protection zone. The Council of Ministers has approved a document regarding this region. It was published in the Official Gazette.

“A new assessment of the region has been made. Some parcels have been separated and made available for construction. There are also parcels with villas inside.

“Some parcels are cordoned off, there are signs of foreign companies on them. Construction has begun. There is an Israeli company sign. A justification was given, taking into account the realities of the country. What are these facts, let them explain? There are allegations and statements that bribes were returned on this issue. Let them explain.

“….This is a national security issue. Rapid steps must be taken and strategic decisions must be made”.

Kibris Postasi

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