Public interest in elections lukewarm

Interest in the presidential campaigns for the 19th April elections is distinctly underwhelming. Perhaps because the voters appear are undecided, however the weak election climate is thought provoking, writes columnist Sami Ozuslu.

He then gives some reasons for the seemingly lukewarm public response to the election.

The election race began too early, almost a year ago, thus losing public interest.

The citizens keep a distance from politics, because they have either lost faith in them or they are tired of having elections.

The candidates have not have all met together in debate to express their views, which would help to highlight their different approaches.

The candidates and the political parties are organisationally weak. They are having problems in reaching the voters. There have been few occasions where they have gone out onto the streets and met the electorate face to face.

The stagnancy and pessimism experienced in the Cyprus problem has killed voter enthusiasm. That is why a great many of the voters do not attach importance to who the negotiator will be.

Ozuslu notes that during the last two weeks before the election, more importance will be attached to the advertising campaigns and public attention will increase, but on the streets, there is little sense that much will change before 19th April.

Yeni Duzen

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