Public Meeting Held About New Presidential Complex

Public meeting - Against new presidential complex
[Public meet to discuss how to foil construction of new presidential complex]
Friday, 30 September 2022

A public meeting, jointly organised by left-wing parties in North Cyprus to discuss how to prevent the construction of the new presidential complex, took place in Nicosia, Yeniduzen reports.

Around 200 people attended the  meeting which was held in Kızılbaş Park in Nicosia, to discuss how to halt the ‘Külliye’ project; occupying the building plot and preventing work vehicles was suggested by members of the public attending the meeting. Planting trees where established trees had been uprooted to enable construction, holding more public demonstrations, including outside of  the Turkish embassy was also suggested.

Members of political parties held back and let the public speak first to hear their ideas. The last word was given to representatives of political parties.

Speaking on behalf of the Bar Association, Aslı Murat said, “We, as lawyers, are ready to take a step“. An online petition against the construction would be launched, he said. Murat added, “We suggest that a group be formed so that citizens, who have had something to do with the police in this process, can quickly contact lawyers”.

Speaking on behalf of the YKP, Murat Kanatlı said, “We have succeeded before, we can do it again”, adding “There is no issue that construction will not stop because the trees on the land have been cut. Two buildings are being built in this construction”, Kanatli said. “In our system, the Presidency is a symbolic building. The building to be built is too big for that. Because what is wanted is the presidential regime. We have to stop this. We will either be together or we will be defeated. In this struggle, we will win this fight without giving a single friend to the fascists. Otherwise, dark days await us“, he said. 

Speaking on behalf of the Independence Road party, Münür Rahvancıoğlu said, “We, as the Independence Road, are ready to pay any price, it’s not a problem for us”

Mayor of North Nicosia - Mehmet Harmanci
[Mayor of North Nicosia Mehmet Harmancı – File Photo]
Also attending the meeting the Mayor of Nicosia Turkish Municipality Mehmet Harmancı said, “This business has both political and legal dimensions”. He noted that as a representative of the municipality he had written a letter to the Presidency which said in summary, “Get a legal opinion on [the] construction. Otherwise, we will use our authority”, he said.

If they don’t give us a satisfactory answer, we’ll seal this area“, said Harmancı.

The mayor noted however that Chapter 96, a law relating to Nicosia, removes the necessity for licences to construct state buildings.  “However, in municipal law, they are not exempt from this issue. We will discuss this issue with the bar associations”, he said.

The left-wing parties who called for the public meeting are as follows: Republican Turkish Party (CTP), Communal Democracy Party (TDP), Socialist Liberation Party (TKP), Road to Independence (BY), Left Movement, New Cyprus Party (YKP), United Cyprus Party (BKP), Cyprus Socialist Party (KSP), and the Revolutionary Communist League (DKB).


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