Public Paying The Price For Prescription Fraud

Dr. Remzi Gardiyanoğlu
[Dr. Remzi Gardiyanoğlu]
The topic of the police investigation into prescription fraud and the resulting damage to the reputation of medical professionals and the public in general was discussed on the television programme ‘Sabah Postasi’, Kibris Postasi reports.

The guest on the programme was President of the Union of Freelance Physicians (SÇHB), Dr. Remzi Gardiyanoğlu who was interviewed by the presenter Gökhan Altıner.

Referring to the prescription investigation, Dr. Gardiyanoğlu mentioned that the healthcare community had been aware of the problem for years but no action had been taken.

Minister Taçoy was Aware

Underlining the fact that the former Minister of Labour and Social Security, Hasan Taçoy, had been informed about prescription fraud and had not taken any action, Gardiyanoğlu stated, “There is no unknown aspect of the matter; the data is clear. If we had shared the information discussed with the public, a different front could have been formed“.

He noted that the investigation process consists of three stages: the first stage involves meetings, the second stage involves the police accessing the social security system, and the third stage involves the arrest of former Prime Minister and Speaker of the Assembly Dr. Sibel Siber.

Expressing the view that civil society organisations did not do what was necessary throughout the process, Gardiyanoğlu said, “Our phones rang to provide support when well-known individuals were arrested. Despite being unknown, everyone arrested was a doctor or pharmacist“.

Public Paid the Highest Price

Stressing the need to solve the problem of the public’s access to medicine, Gardiyanoğlu warned about getting bogged down in the investigation process. He said, “Doctors and pharmacists paid the price, but the biggest price is paid by the public“.

Gardiyanoğlu mentioned that with the support of the Minister of Labour and Social Security Sadık Gardiyanoğlu, a new system will be created to ensure that doctors and pharmacists can work safely.

Dr. Gardiyanoğlu, emphasised that the Union of Freelance Physicians, the Pharmacists’ Association, and the Turkish Cypriot Medical Association will form a committee, which will meet every 15 days.

Kibris Postasi

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