Public Sector Unions to Hold Strike on Friday

Wednesday, 30 March 2022.

North Cyprus News - Strike
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Public sector unions will hold a “Social Destruction, No to Poverty” action against the price hikes implemented by the UBP-DP-YDP government, and will hold a general strike and rally across the country on April 1st, Yeniduzen reported.

Head of KTAMS union Güven Bengihan, said that the government had impoverished the people with their decision to raise prices. Speaking on behalf of the unions he said that they demanded that “the cost of living allowance be reviewed every two months and a stable accounting system be put in place“.

Bengihan also pointed out that the unions had received no response from the Prime Ministry to their demands. He went on to say that a vigil will be held outside the Prime Ministry at 6pm today. A tent will be raised in front of parliament and in front of the Prime Ministry on Thursday and bread will be distributed.

Call to End Poverty

Noting that if the government makes no effort to reduce the cost of living, unions will call for strike action next week.

Bengihan said the following: “The government continues to raise money. He doesn’t think about the people. We emphasised on every platform that they created the impression that they were enemies of the public with the decision to raise. We want the cost of living allowance to be reflected every two months.

“We demand a stable accounting system. We conveyed the resource and savings measures to the Prime Ministry in this regard. But we did not get an answer. The prime minister talks about the war between Russia and Ukraine. He was in those seats before he came to government. Did it come from outer space? They said, ‘Power is our job, we are walking to the future’. They led the people to impoverishment with price hikes. Let him not think that he will be saved by making excuses. The government must demonstrate its ability to find solutions to problems.

“People are waiting for service. Those who govern do not deserve the goodwill and sensitivity we recognize for the government. Assignments continue. There is no one side source. 140 consultants live at home. Their new names are appointed as director undersecretary. The minister says the cost of living allowance will be frozen. We will react in the same way to any interference”.


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