Pulic Workers’ Holding One-Day Strike Today

The Public Workers ‘Union (KAMU-İŞ) has organised a one-day warning strike for today, on the grounds that workers’ rights are being withdrawn. A new public servants’ bill is being debated by the Assembly.

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TRNC Assembly

The strike will be held between 08:00 and 17:30 in all workplaces where the union is represented, except by those who work in the emergency services in hospitals and ambulance drivers.

A number of other trade unions also have declared their support for the strike. At 11.00 this morning there will be a joint press statement made in front of the Prime Ministry.

General Secretary of KAMU-İŞ Devrim Gündüz stated that they expect the strike to disrupt the services in the Motor Vehicles branch but they are organised in many other places of work.

KAMU-SEN, KTAMS, Union of Nurses and Midwives, Customs Employees Union, Turkish Cypriot Officers Union, TIP-İŞ, VERGİ-SEN, HAZİNE – SEN, MEC – SEN, TEL-SEN, Eastern Mediterranean University Personnel Union (EMU Per-Sen and the Air Traffic Control Syndicate have announced that they would support the KAMU-İŞ strike.


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