Purified water not so pure?

The Tahal Group water purification plant provides drinking water to nearby hotels and 38 villages. However locals are now complaining about the quality of the water they receive. They have two main issues; the water coming out of their taps is a dirty muddy colour and the chemicals used to purify the water are eroding their water tanks and pipes.

They are now concerned that this water may cause health issues and that nobody seems interested in their plight. A spokesman for the Tahal Group said that there were no problems with their water and that 6 years earlier when they were building the plant, they stipulated that all pipes should be plastic.

Iskele mayor, Halil Orun declared that the council also bought purified water and that they were happy with the quality. He said that virtually all the pipes in the region had been changed to plastic ones. He explained the dirty water by saying that water from the plant is not provided continuously so it settles in pipes and tanks. It is only natural that when taps are turned on that the initial flow will be muddy.

However, most citizens are not happy with this explanation saying that the flow of muddy water is continuous. They are also asking for the government to test the water for chemicals.

Tahal Group maintains that the water they provide is problem free. They suggest that issues could arise from dirty or contaminated water storage tanks.

Recently Tahal has been in dispute with the government over a matter of its unpaid electricity bills.

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