Quarries continue to blight the landscape

15 privately run quarries are operating in the TRNC, which are an eyesore and create environmental pollution, Metin Ulug, chairman of the Quarries Union has said.

He noted that despite the fact that no new permissions have been granted for the operation of new quarries, their number has increased dramatically. He pointed out that the country only needs seven or eight quarries.

The union’s chairman went on to say that previous governments had done nothing to solve the problem and proposed the establishment of an umbrella organisation to control the operations of quarries.

In addition, Greenpeace movement chairman Dogan Sahir has said that the number of quarries and their resources should be investigated.

Meanwhile Degirmenlik village which lies in the shadow of such quarries are plagued by dust clouds hanging over the area. Villagers have asked for measures to be taken to remedy the problem.

Yeni Duzen

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