Racing for Peace

In an initiative to foster better relations between Turkish and Greek Cypriots, a group of young people from both sides of the island are invited to visit Malta for a few days. They are being offered the opportunity to take part in karting events, in a friendly atmosphere, where participation and having fun rather than winning is the focus.

The group will be offered reduced rates bed and breakfast in a standard room at the Radisson Blue Resort in St Julians, Malta. The proviso is that both Greeks and Turks share rooms together. Participants will also have a chance to meet other members of karting clubs from the island.

Malta Tourism Authority is offering two half-day tours in addition.

Badger Karting of Malta is offering to host 10 – 12 youths between the ages of 18 and 21 for a few fun races, free of charge.

Participants will have to pay their own air fares and a proportion of the accommodation costs. They will also need to be able to speak English.

The object of the exercise is to allow young Greek and Turkish Cypriots to meet, get to know each other a little and have fun away from their own homes and make friends. It is hoped that this effort will contribute towards the peace initiative and show how both communities might live together on a small island.

Other activities shall include a brief discussion at the Peace Laboratory in Hal Far, and a short visit to the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies of the University of Malta, where courses in conflict analysis and resolution may be followed. This will add an educational element to the trip.

If this project is successful, there are plans to host more groups later on in the year.

The plan is to launch this initiative in the last week of January, possibly between Thursday, 31st and the following Monday, 4th February. But the plan is flexible, in order to accommodate the needs of the Cypriot participants, who will have to take responsibility for their travel arrangements and cost to Malta and back, and the reduced accommodation rate.

The karting clubs in Cyprus are being informed about this initiative, and they may feel free to offer any support to any of their own young members.

Young Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots who are interested in participating in this initiative are invited to visit the Malta & Auto Racing page on Facebook and leave a comment, so that they will be contacted with further details.

Alternatively, they may send their contact details by not later than January 18th, through an email to

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