Radical drop in compensation claims to IPC

The number of applications made by Greek Cypriots to the Immovable Property Commission (IPC) established in the TRNC by Turkey, has decreased in the last six months, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’ reports.

Recently, the TRNC’s Council of Ministers approved a proposal which would enable Turkish Cypriots to apply to the IPC for compensation on property they had abandoned in the south. The report also adds that a number of Greek Cypriot applications had been suspended indefinitely.

The report goes on to say that the Greek Cypriots had shown great interest in previous years, in particular the last three years, in applying to the IPC. However, in the last six months the number of applications had dropped and some applicants have withdrawn their claims.

It is also alleged that operations at the IPC have slowed down because “there are insufficient resources”.

The number of Greek Cypriots who applied to the IPC in April 2013 was 100 while in April 2014 this number has reduced to 27. In January, a total of 50 applications were made, while in February the applications were 45 and in March 36.

To date, out of claims for compensation on 17 million 337 sq. metres of land, the IPC has paid compensation for 11 million 22 thousand sq. metres.

Further, 454,817 sq. metres of land of Greek Cypriot land were returned to their previous owners while 6,151 square meters, will be returned after the solution. Meanwhile claims covering 3 million 107 thousand sq. metres of land, were cancelled because the claimants withdrew their applications.

In statements to the paper, the chairman of the IPC Gungor Gunkan, said that the main reasons for the decrease in the number of applications by the Greek Cypriots to the IPC, was because of the economic crisis and the ongoing Cyprus talks.

He added that Greek Cypriot politicians had also had an influence in the decreasing number of applications made by the Greek Cypriots to the IPC.

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