RAF fighters on standby if air strikes in Syria voted in

While British Prime Minister David Cameron waits for the consent of parliament to agree to bombing raids against ISIL in Syria, RAF air and ground crew are standing by, a report in ‘The Times’ said on Tuesday.

In the event of a “yes” vote from British MPs, six jet fighters will head from the UK to RAF Akrotiri to join the fight against the Islamist militant group. The UK is already flying missions to Iraq in the fight against ISIL.

The Press Association states that there is growing support for further action against the militants, however, public and political opinion is still divided on how to attack the extremist militants against fears of reprisals in UK major cities and the difficulty of pinpointing militant targets. ISIL fighters tend to blend themselves into the general population, therefore the risk of civilian casualties is extremely high, while not guaranteeing success in air strikes.

Prime Minister Cameron maintains that: “It is in the national interest, it is the right thing to do, we will be acting with our allies, we will be careful and responsible as we do so, but in my view it’s the right thing to do this to keep our country safe”.

Cyprus Mail, The Times

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