Raid on rented car carry 3 million TL raises security questions

Last week’s robbery of 3 million TL from a car rented by the Coop bank in Morphou to transfer the cash has raised questions as to why such large amounts of money are not being carried in proper security vehicles, ‘Gundem Kibris’ reports.

Police are also questioning how it was that the robbers knew which car it was and when to target it.

The Directorate of the Turkish Cypriot Coop Bank has said that normally when large amounts of cash are being transported, the bank would notify the police and request them to escort the car. On this occasion apparently, no-one called the police.

A special law on security had been proposed one year ago, however, it not passed by the subcommittee. Had the law been passed, then banks would be required to use special armoured security vehicles to transport money.

The newspaper writes that the government, to date, has made no comment on the incident.

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