Raki – The new chic drink?

England has the most expensive raki in the world, followed closely by Turkey itself.  With its high tax on alcohol, raki-drinkers in England are paying as much as 27 Euros for a 70cl bottle.  In Turkey the average price has just gone up to 22 Euros a bottle, thanks to an increase in their Special Consumption Tax.

Germany is the second highest consumer of raki, after Turkey, due to its large Turkish population.  The aniseed-flavour drink is also becoming more popular all across Europe, particularly as a mixer drink.  Raki is traditionally drunk neat, with a separate glass of iced water, or can also be mixed with iced water.  However, raki cocktails are now appearing on cocktail menus in many chic bars.   One example is the “Istanbul”, with raki, cointreau, lime and pomegranate juice.   Another one to try is the “Fly Swatter”, with raki, cognac, whisky, mandarin juice and apple juice.  You may want to head over to Iraq first, as they have the cheapest raki in the world at just 8 Euros a bottle.


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