Rally For Justice And Accountability

Protest march against corruption - Nicosia

A rally comprising 32 organisations took place in Nicosia yesterday to express the deep concerns about the state of affairs in the country, Yeniduzen reports.

Gathering in a well-known spot called ‘Citroen Lights’ in Nicosia, hundreds of citizens marched past the Presidential Palace and then congregated in front of the Assembly building. Both locations were heavily guarded by the police.

During the protest, support was voiced for the ongoing Isias Hotel case, and a banner declaring “Isias is our common cause” was displayed. Speaking on behalf of the 32 organisations, Selma Eylem, president of teachers’ union KTOEÖS, highlighted their solidarity with families seeking justice for victims in Adıyaman, emphasising the need for fairness.

Eylem criticised the existing system, where politicians and their allies profit while the general populace suffers. She pointed out issues such as corruption, lack of investment in public services, and erosion of democratic values.

Furthermore, she highlighted concerns about the influence of external interests and the need for a fair and transparent legal system. Eylem stressed the importance of ongoing efforts to address these issues and called for accountability from those in power.

In conclusion, Eylem reaffirmed the commitment to continue the struggle for justice, democracy, and a better future for Cyprus and its people.


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