Rash of new universities could impact on quality: Akinci

President Mustafa Akinci has expressed his concern that the increasing number of universities in the TRNC could be linked to a downturn in quality. “The increase of the number might not always mean that the result will be good, quality is very important”, he noted.

The President was speaking at a meeting with the Mayor of Yeni Iskele, Hasan Sadikoglu. The Mayor who was briefing him on developments on the new Near East University (DAU) local campus.

Akinci said that DAU is a successful university and wished every success to the initiative which it might undertake in Yeni Iskele. Noting that higher education has developed into a very important field in North Cyprus, Akinci drew attention to the need for planning in this sector. He said that the number of the universities exceeds 30 and half of them are active, while the rest of them are at the preparation stage. “We have around 93 thousand students. This has been turned into a very important sector. I am in favour of serious planning in this sector”, he added.


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