Reactions Vary over Akinci’s Request to South

Reactions to President Akinci’s call on South Cyprus to say if it accepts the Guterres Framework on which to resume the Cyprus talks, show that it has not been supported by all sides in the TRNC.

MP for the National Unity Party (UBP) Oguzhan Hasipoglu has accused President Akinci of trying to prevent negotiations for a confederation or a two-state solution to the Cyprus problem. Statements by Foreign Minister Kudret Ozersay point out that a solution cannot be achieved unless the Greek Cypriot side changes its mindset and is willing to share power and wealth in Cyprus. Former leader of the Assembly Sibel Siber, appears to support this alternative outright.

Hasipoglu described Akinci’s invitation to the Greek Cypriot side to sit at the negotiating table as important; however, he added there has not been yet any official statement regarding this document.

He wondered what the Guterres document is about and asked what alterations have been made by the Greek Cypriot side since there had been no official statement on this issue. He also asked whether the Turkish Cypriot side has accepted the Guterres document framework in its original form. Hasipoglu called on Akinci to explain to the TRNC people, the contents of this document.

On the same issue, the acting leader of the Revival Party (YDP) Enver Ozturk has said that President Akinci should bring plan B onto the agenda, which is a two state solution to the Cyprus problem.

Ozturk evaluated the statement made by Akinci calling on the Greek Cypriot side to openly state if it is ready to accept the Guterres Framework without any alterations so that it may be announced as a strategic package.

Asserting that Akinci had made such a move in a bid to avoid Turkey’s offer to switch to a two state model, the acting YDP leader said that sentencing the Turkish Cypriots to another 50 years of open ended negotiations aimed at reaching a federal settlement would be an act of “treason”.

He further noted that Akinci should not try to prevent a two state solution in Cyprus.

Meanwhile, Kibris newspaper reports that Guven Bengihan, chairman of the Cyprus Turkish Civil Servants Trade Union (KTAMS), described President Akinci’s call to the Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades to sign up to the Guterres framework which contains the principals, which were shaped during the Crans-Montana summit, as the right step.

In a written statement, Bengihan stressed that with Akinci’s call the need to form a Federal Cyprus was stressed again, adding that a solution based on the bi-communal, bi-zonal with a political equal federation, which will be accepted by both sides, is possible with the leaders heading towards unification instead of separatism.

Bengihan said that they also make a call to the leaders to return to the negotiating table by displaying their political will to take constructive decisions.

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