Reassigning Nami to Economy Minister a Mistake

Columnist Hasan Hasturer on ‘Nokta Kibris’ news portal criticised the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) for withdrawing Ozdil Nami from the post of negotiator in the Cyprus talks and appointing him as Minister of Economy. He also points out that the new government does not have a common policy on the Cyprus problem. He writes:

“[…] The CTP has withdrawn Ozdil Nami, who knows the Cyprus problem very well, from the post of negotiator and made him economy minister. It did not do well. The government does not have a common policy on the Cyprus problem.

North Cyprus News - Nami - Akinci - BurcuLook what they have written in the coalition protocol: ‘The four political parties which are coalition partners will preserve their positions on the Cyprus problem negotiations’. […] And in addition, the CTP withdrew the most important name in the negotiating team after the president. Whatever is said, this is degrading the importance attached by the CTP to the Cyprus problem. In fact, the impression that an important development is not expected in the near future has been accepted by the CTP. […] The CTP saw that it will not be possible for the negotiations to succeed. In a sense, it withdrew Ozdil Nami, its representative in the negotiating team, in order for the entire bill for the failed process to be paid by [President] Akinci.

Very well, What should Akinci do? He should nominate a new negotiator in Ozdil Nami’s place whether the starting time table of the negotiations is known or not and create the opportunity to be prepared [for the negotiations].

Since the declaration of the non-solution of the Cyprus problem has not been not made, we will not run away from the table, we will be at the table. If we know what we want to do both at the table and away from the table, absolutely no problem will be experienced”.


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