Refugee boat sinks off Turkey

Turkish authorities rescued 27 migrants after their boat sank on its way to the island of Lesbos. Fourteen people including children died when their wooden boat sank in the 8km stretch of water between the island and the Turkish mainland, Dogan news agency reported today.

The onset of winter has done little to deter the tens of thousands of migrants, many of whom are desperate to escape war in the Middle East and some who come from Africa, have made the perilous crossing between Turkey and Europe in recent months.

Meanwhile, EU and African leaders are set to meet today in Malta to discuss the migrant problem. The EU is hoping that promises of money for some of the world’s poorest countries will help to deter others from making the hazardous journey.

The EU is preparing for a battle at the summit of world leaders in Turkey on Sunday, to have its migration crisis recognised as a global problem which requires a global response, an EU official said on Tuesday.

Cyprus Mail

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