Religious Holiday should be cancelled: says government

Muhammed’s birthday is known as Mevlid Kandili.

It is now suggested by the government that this holiday is removed, reducing the number of official holidays from 17 to 16.

This proposal has been published in the official gazette dated February 15th and citizens have 20 days to object if they wish to do so.

The reasons given for this proposed reduction were that other Islamic states did not celebrate this day as a holiday and that it would help increase productivity.

The remaining 16 holidays are:

January 1st – New Year’s Day

April 23rd – Children’s Bayram

May 1st – Labour and Spring Day

May 19th – Youth and Sports Day

July 20th –Peace and Freedom Day

August 1st – Resistance Day

August 30th – Victory Day

October 29th – Turkish Republic Day

November 15th – TRNC Republic Day

3 days for Seker Bayram and 4 days for Sacrifice (Kurban) Bayram.

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