Remembrance service held for Dr Fazil Kucuk

The late leader of the Cyprus Turkish People’s struggle for existence and freedom Dr. Fazıl Kucuk was commemorated on Sunday on the 33rd anniversary of his death.

The first ceremony was held at Dr. Kucuk’s mausoleum at Anittepe where wreaths were laid, a minutes silence observed and flags lowered to half-mast with the reciting of the national anthem, followed by the signing of the special book.

President Mustafa Akinci who delivered a speech during the ceremony stated that Dr. Kucuk had been a true leader of the people with his secular and modern ideas, drawing Turkey’s attention to the problems in Cyprus.

He prevented the Greek Cypriot’s hopes for Enosis (union with Greece). The point we have reached today is owed to the struggle carried out by Dr. Kucuk and his comrades under the hard conditions of the time. Today, we have reached a point where we shall establish a bi-zonal, bi-communal federal state on the basis of political equality. We have reached the stage of establishing a federal partnership where there will be rotational presidency which will allow Turkish Cypriots too to become president,” he said.

The President added that they had reached a point where they were talking about building bridges of cooperation between Turkey and Greece. We are entering a new era where Cyprus will establish the foundations of new opportunities for cooperation between neighbouring countries in the region.

Akinci also reminded that the phase launched in Geneva had not ended and would continue at a technical level.

He pointed out that the level of representation could be raised to that of Prime Minister once the technical work was completed.

There is no doubt that the sole guarantee of the Turkish Cypriot peoples’ security is Turkey. There is no hesitation. We want a formula where Turkey’s active and effective guarantees will continue, allowing everyone on this island to live in freedom and security. There is room for everyone on this island,” he added.

The second ceremony for the late leader was held at the Rauf Raif Denktaş Cultural Centre in Nicosia.

A speech was delivered at the remembrance ceremony by Dr. Kucuk’s granddaughter Esen Kucuk.


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