Renovations For St. Hilarion Cafeteria In Limbo

North Cyprus News - St Hilarion - Cafeteria
[Cafeteria – St. Hilarion Castle]
The cafeteria at St. Hilarion Castle, which was razed by fire on March 3, 2021, remains unrenovated, Yeniduzen reported. The fire, which broke out six months ago, was caused by a lightning strike.

Reportedly the budget for renovations is there but the Ministry of Finance will not release the funds because there is some minor issue with the renovation project. 

A budget was allocated for cleaning up the fire-damaged areas, and this work has been completed. However, there are some issues with the renovation project which need to be refined before monies are released.

Director of the Department of Antiquities and Museums,  Nazım Ced said, “We are trying to fix some problems in the project. As soon as the budget arrives, the work will begin”. He said that the renovation project has been ready for three months, but minor changes, required by the finance ministry, are delaying the funding.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Finance said that the budget for maintenance and repair is ready. “We have been waiting for about a month for the desired alterations to be made to the project, it is not possible to release the budget without the alterations”.

Meanwhile, winter season tourists are beginning to arrive and the launching of the renovation project remains in limbo.


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