No repatriation of TRNC citizens: Eroglu

One of the stumbling blocks in the joint statement negotiations is that the Greek Cypriots are insisting that Turkish mainlanders who were granted TRNC citizenship be repatriated.

The TRNC has been accused of artificially increasing the number of TRNC citizens by readily granting citizenship to mainly peasant Turkish mainlanders, thus altering the demographics in the North. This was in order to make up the numbers or Cyprus born Turkish Cypriots who left the country in the 60’s and 70’s.

President Eroglu said, “The point we disagree with the Greek Cypriots is that the persons that came from Turkey will go away. Now, we say that no one has the right to say ‘go back’ to these people after 40 years. The international law also does not reject this. If we come to the point of an agreement, who will vote in the referendum? The people will do this, the citizens of both founding states. These people will become citizens of the partnership state as well?”


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