Restart of Cyprus talks hinges on vote in South’s parliament on Enosis Day

Details of the road map that was formulated during President Mustafa Akinci’s meeting with the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in Brussels have been revealed.

According to information obtained by Anatolian News agency, it was agreed between the two men that if the vote to be held at the Greek Cypriot parliament tomorrow on the commemoration of the Enosis Plebiscite in schools is completely reversed, then the Cyprus negotiations can restart on Tuesday, 11th April.

Within this framework, if the desired outcome is not achieved at the Greek Cypriot parliament, then it is not possible for the Cyprus negotiations to begin on Tuesday and that the side responsible for this is the Greek Cypriot side.

It is thought that both President Akinci and the UN Secretary General shared similar views regarding this issue.

During the meeting, it was stated that the Enosis referendum to be celebrated in schools was not a simple step, and was a strategically prepared decision that gave grounds for serious concerns regarding the future of Cyprus. This perception was shared by both men according to the Anatolian Agency.

When the two men discussed in what framework the Cyprus negotiation process can resume, President Akinci and UN Secretary General Guterres were in complete understanding regarding the road map they will follow, once a decision is taken by the Greek Cypriot parliament tomorrow.

The second topic of discussion between the men was the confidence building measures that the Greek Cypriot side is refraining from implementing.

The third topic of discussion was the Greek Cypriot side’s negative stance on the political equality issue and the negative effect it has had on the Cyprus negotiations.

Great attention was focused on the racist political party ELAM in South Cyprus and their efforts to negatively affect a federal solution on the island.

From time to time ELAM has put forward negative proposals regarding the federal solution perspective at the Greek Cypriot parliament and this has put the issue of a federal solution at risk.


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