Restoration on Karpaz Monastery begins

Restoration on Apostolos Andreas Monastery has begun, the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage and the United Nations Development Programme Partnership for the Future (UNDP-PFF) announced on Thursday, ‘Famagusta Gazette’ reports.

“Mobilization and preparatory works have been completed and the Church complex’s keys were handed over yesterday to the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage during a site visit conducted by Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot representatives of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage, UNDP-PFF and the contracting joint venture”, the press release says.

The Church will be closed for both visits and worship while work is under way. However, access to Agiasma (Holy Water) will be accessible until 8th October after which it will be closed to the public.

A temporary Church has been established near the Monastery.

Funding for the restoration works has been supplied by the Evkaf Administration and the Church of Cyprus. The work is scheduled for completion by 30th April, 2016.

The Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage will be visiting the site in the near future to monitor its progress, the press release concludes.

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