Results on Quality of Life Survey Announced

Finance Minister Serdar Denktas, has announced the results of research on “Quality of Life and Assets” carried out by the Ministry of Finance.

North Cyprus News - Serdar Denktas
Serdar Denktas

Denktas said that 27% of the households are middle or upper income, 2.5% have high income, 67% low income, and 15% are in poverty.

According to the research, 59% of citizens work in the private sector, 25% are public-municipal employees. The average monthly income of the 66.7% of the citizens is 3,847 TL and 25% of citizens, by the end of the month, face great economical difficulties.

45% of the citizens believe that they should become EU citizens and more than 57% does not see a federal solution as possible.

North Cyprus News - New Assembly
TRNC Assembly

In terms of confidence in public institutions, 40% of the respondents do not trust parliament, 27% the legal system, 17% the police, 40% the government, 29% the local administration and 32% the unions.

The armed forces are considered the most trusted institution with 38%.

Most citizens own a house and 84% do not pay rent or instalments.

Finally, Denktas said that according to the results, those who live in the North Cyprus are happier than those who live in the South and in Turkey, but the Turkish Cypriots feel uncertain about their future.


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