Return Guzelyurt and scrap guarantees or no deal: Neophytou

The Greek Cypriot side will not accept any Cyprus settlement that does not include the return of Morphou/Guzelyurt, or that includes Turkish guarantees, leader of DISY Averof Neophytou said on Sunday.

In an interview with Greek Cypriot daily Politis, he said that Turkish President Erdogan’s behaviour was creating concern in the West and in Cyprus. Meanwhile the negotiations will recommence, after a summer break, on 23rd August and continue until 14th September. At this crucial stage of the talks, the focus will be to find convergences between the two sides on all chapters. The results of which would decide the future of the negotiations.

Turkey’s statements on the issue of guarantees did not inspire confidence, Neophyptou said. In addition, neither the president nor his party would accept an agreement which includes the use of guarantees or where Morphou (Guzelyurt) would not be returned.

The Turkish side was increasingly laying down red lines with regard to Morphou (Guzelyurt) and guarantees, he added.

For someone who maintains that his [Erdogan’s] position is in favour of a Cyprus settlement, but on the other hand says there will be no return of Morphou, and who insists on Turkish guarantees… I do not think that the President [Anastasiades] will accept such a deal and I can clearly tell you that neither will DISY,” he said.

Cyprus Mail

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