No return of Maras now: Chambers’ Chairmen

The TRNC’s Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Craftsmen’s Chairmen have collectively said that it would not be right to return Varosha/Maras before a successful conclusion to the Cyprus negotiations.

Chamber of Industry Chairman, Ali Cirali, stated that that “the issue of Varosha has been perceived as part of the comprehensive solution for years and it has been evaluated as such,” adding that “there could not be a solution piece by piece.” He believed that now both communities are more hopeful of a solution it would not be right, at this stage, for Varosha to be excluded from a comprehensive solution.

He argued that there are other ways to create confidence between the two communities, such as increasing trade between the North and the South.

Noting that Maras/Varosha has been closed for 40 years waiting for a comprehensive solution he claimed that while a solution can be seen on the horizon now, it would be useful to keep Maras closed until a comprehensive solution is reached.

Cirali went on to say that the return of Maras has always been perceived as part of the solution but that it is premature to return the Famagusta suburb right now. Rather he says an immediate return would only re-enforce the current situation. He added that Maras, is part of the territories issue and will naturally be dealt with when the issues of territory are being discussed.

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