Riot control vehicle coming to TRNC

Riot control vehicles have been used extensively in Turkey over the past week against protesters.

They are one of the main factors behind accusations of excessive police force and will feature in the investigation that has been ordered by the Ministry of the Interior.

Here, in the TRNC, it was reported on the Procurement Notice published by the Central Procurement Commission on February 2nd. The notice stated that one riot control vehicle was to be purchased.

There was general public unease and strong protests from unions against this vehicle. However these were short lived and the news item slipped away.

However it can now reported that the riot control vehicle ordered has been constructed ahead of time and will soon be on its way here from Turkey. It will then be delivered to the Commander of the TRNC Security Forces.

The Ministry of Finance selected ECK Engineering Ltd. to provide the vehicle. Based on their contract of March 28th, delivery has to be within 6 months that is by September 28th. However completion appears to be well before that end date.

Based on contract tender documentation, Eck Engineering provided the cheapest quote for producing this vehicle at US$ 333,000, with the highest price being US$465,000.

Apparently the riot control vehicle is based on a Mercedes frame with specialist providers adding to it. This will include water cannon that can also deliver foam, dyes and CS gas.

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