Ripped-off House Buyers to get Compensation

The new coalition government has promised “to finish off the job” on a legal measure aimed at putting an end to the decade-long ordeal endured by house buyers on the Amaranta Valley, development, in the Kyrenia district. None of the buildings were ever completed by convicted criminal Gary Robb.

Robb who fled the UK to North Cyprus in 1997 was wanted by the British police for permitting his nightclub in Teesside to be used for the supply of Class A and B drugs. After evading arrest for over ten years, he was finally deported from North Cyprus back to the UK in 2009. He was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison for the drugs related offences.

Speaker of the Assembly Teberruken Ulucay said that the government would take the final steps on an amendment to citizenship laws which would give ministers power to sell off Robb’s TRNC assets. The measure has been in place since March 31 last year, but could not be enforced without adoption of a new regulation. “The new government will take all essential steps for the conclusion of this legal measure in a bid to end the problems of the home buyers”, said Ulucay, adding that the issue would be now taken up by the new interior minister Aysegul Baybas Kair.

Cyprus Today, Daily Mail

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