Road map for resumption of talks given to UN

President Dervis Eroglu, who is currently running for re-election, has said that a road map has been submitted to the UN. It anticipates the negotiations resuming at the beginning of May – talks to be finalised by the year’s end, with the aim of holding a referendum by February 2016 at the latest.

Speaking on Ada TV, he said that the road map foresaw an intensification of negotiations in May, with an aim to finalise issues not yet agreed upon by July.

Eroglu said that if the Greek Cypriot side did not make any random moves, the process should be a smooth one. Any positives steps taken by the South would be matched by the Turkish Cypriots.

Asked what were the conditions he found when he took over from President Talat, Eroglu said because Anastasiades insisted on a joint statement before he sat at the negotiating table, it took them 6 months to agree on it. However, finally they agreed on a document which was accepted by both sides and this was important. He noted that Talat had achieved some agreement on issues such as governance and power sharing but none of these agreements had been signed.

Eroglu was asked about fellow presidential candidate Mustafa Akinci’s claim that he been pressurised by Turkey to sign the joint declaration. Eroglu said they were in constant consultation with Turkey and sometimes Turkey made some amendments. However, it was the Turkish Cypriot side which had carried out the negotiations on the joint statement, so Akinci’s statements were incorrect. He added that, as President, he was the negotiator and approval giver of this document.

On a question about what political support he had, Eroglu said it was important to have strong public support and in turn, a strong government. If the UBP and DP votes are reflected in the ballot boxes, then he would win the election in the first round.

Kibris Postasi

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